Sunday, October 31, 2010

My last two artist

This one is from
Steve Forrai
If my wood idea for the table doesn't work I think I will switch to metal after seeing what is out there online. It can be really beautiful.
Espicially with forging steel like these two artist.
I wish I could cut glass like this top table. Thats gorgeous
He works out of California now.
The website keep shutting out when I tried to click around, and he had everything protected so I couldn't find out much more.

These are also tree/table/sculpture design artist of course!

This is just awesome first off
Norman Grochowski
Okay well this blog hates me the photo posted above my text but still the Chesire is awesome!

The tree gate isn't for sale but he will make similar things.
I think that is gorgeous! Its forged steel!! <3

The table is also forged steel and glass for the table top.
Oh soooo freaking awesome!!

US born in 1946.
"Art has been a spritual journey for me. It is my inward vehicle of outward expression. Forget about what the critics say of art. If ever you see an art work that inspires you or uplifts your heart, then purchase it as an investment in your soul." He seems to be good, but to into the money even for my taste!
But his work is beautiful!!!

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