Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Judson Beaumont

This is my furniture designer.

Judson Beaumont:

Beaumont was born in 1960 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and he studied art at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in Vancouver. After graduating in 1985, Beaumont founded Straight Line Designs Inc.

He has also done Installations and other object such as a pet camper, bird house, and ipod doc. Most of his pieces are highly playful and inventive. They have been compared to art by Dr Seuss and Walt Disney. Here are some of my favorites by Judson Beaumont:

174852272_e349f8c78a_o.jpg"Melting 2"

alg_beaumont-table.jpg"Bad Table"

boom.jpg "Boom Cabinet"

unique-cabinet-storage-designs-588x588.jpg "Little Black Dresser"

1.jpg"Pet Camper"

014176,47305.jpg "Squiddy"

That last picture is my absolute favorite! The shadows from the legs are so beautiful and enchanting.


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