Friday, October 8, 2010

Joseph Beuys

So this is my artist, Joseph Beuys. He is German, and makes a lot of "old time" looking sculptures--they all have very neutral colors and thats why I am attracted to them because I like art with neutral, darker colors and very organic shapes. His work is mostly inspired by intense public debate and focuses


This is a kind of "soft piano" he made.

It is Infiltration homogen für Konzertflügel (Homogeneous Infiltration for Piano), 1966, piano covered with felt and leather, Georges Pompidou Center, Paris


This one is really interesting and I love the stuffed coyote


This one is called "The Pack", 1969

I like this because it's basically an army of little sleds with flashlights and fabric attached to them. It reminds me of a big fleet of sled dogs off on a mission, or Santa's reindeer.

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