Monday, January 31, 2011

Sculpture made from News paper

as the article states:  (as in I copied and pasted  - I did not write this - it was written by

Born From News : Sculptures made from Newspapers by Nick Geogiou    Posted on by Jaspal

My art is inspired by the death of the printed word” said by Nick Geogiou who is the behind the Books and newspapers that are becoming artifacts of the 21st century. His sculptures are products of their environment —both literally and figuratively.

He uses local newspapers to add authenticity, and the form the sculpture takes is a reflection of the personal connection & feeling to that particular city.  Taking inspiration from America’s South West, and in particular Tucson, AZ–where he lived and worked for almost two years. Going from NY to the desert is a pretty dramatic shift. by Nick Geogiou"

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