Sunday, January 16, 2011

From our Library Visit: your chosen works (lots of furniture!!)

Luna A.

1. ( The chinese chairs): Loretta Hul-Shan Yang, Chang YI and TMSK Creative team, Crystal Bar of TMSK Restaurant, Xintiandi, Shanghai 2001.
(Book: China Design Now)

2. (The Mirror): Carved giltwood mirror; Italian (Modenese), c.1650
(Book: The history of Furniture)

3. Acrobats: pierced craving, black walnut fiqures mounted on bird's-eye maple base. Figures cut from a single piece of walnut planted to 1/2" thick, then beved with a wood rasp, and finished natural.
(Book: Wood design)

Kate Brown
The image I found is of Verner Panton's 'phantasmagoric foam environment' for Visiona II, the Bayer company's exhibition at the Cologne Furniture Fair in 1970. I have taken it from the book 'Op to Pop Furniture of the 1960s' by Cara Greenberg.

Dylan B

Hannah C
It's Rapier of Louis XIII by Silvester Nieto.

John E.

Molly G

Devon J
Artist: Nadine Robinson
Artwork: Tower Hollers

Greta K

Yazon L
Hey, it's Yazon. My sculpture was of a glass furniture with crustations and Nautical nonsense around it. The book is called Fantasy Furniture. The artists' name is Erte

Taylor P.

The first two photos of chairs were found in the book "Modern Chairs" by Charlotte and Peter Fiell

The swirly chair is called "Spine Chair" by Andre Dureuil and the shopping cart one is called "Consumer's Rest" by Stiletto Studios.

The third picture is a ring found in the book "New Design in Jewelry" by Donald Wilcox

The ring is titled "The Mistletoe" and it is by Marianne Aulin

Wesley P.

Hanan R

Kay  Rossbach

Jade Mountain that is also in the MIA.

Madison R.


Suzy W.
A group of metal chairs
Dolls' Houses in America
(Flora Gill Jacobs)

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