Wednesday, September 29, 2010

what can you do with a 2 x 4???? - Project #4

Here are some examples from Jerry Allan's classes from years before - so you get an  idea of what I mean by "Don't try to "make something" - just work with the wood and let the shapes happen
#1 rule - use all the tools, and get comfortable with them - respectfully comfortable

This is a very quick week long project:   - 5 forms in wood out of a 2x4
The primary objective of this project  
is the  work you will do with the PINE 2 x 4.  You want to experiment and use as many – if not ALL of the wood tools in the shop.    You will next to never lay eyes- dreams- & fingers on such a fine selection of wood shop tools as this one in the rest of your life, so for your own sake of an education – try all the tools!

This assignment is to help you:
•    To develop how you make your own decisions as an artists and / or designer and better understand your own work process
•    To experiment with wood and see the possibilities outside the availability of a budget
•    To see the limitless options of media when it comes to surfaces
•    TO use mixed media
•  To have a low-pressure introduction to wood & sculpture that is more about the act of doing than the impetus on “ONE GREAT WORK” – your great work should be your lifetime of effort with a medium


this work blows my mind  - all carved out of 2x4's

amazing work that can be found at:


Here are some examples from your peers:  STUDENT WORK

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