Friday, September 10, 2010

Other cardboard examples out there on the intranet!

Here are some examples of work I found on line.  sadly - their craft will pale in comparison to yours

Chris Gilmore
Moped: Chris Gilmour turns his hand to a scooterFight: St George does battle with the dragon in this impressive piece

taken from:

this is the work of Ann Weber
PromenadeGuns, Paper and Steel

here's the work of  Patianne Stevenson  -->  which I got off the blog:

this is from a student exhibition
bigger isn't always better
but it does make a presence


I found these all on the web site "Bored at Work" -->

uh oh - bad craft on the hellacopter - you'll do better with yours
cardboard helicoptercool cardboard helicoptercardboard phone boothcardboard music instrument

amazing piano cardboard

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