Wednesday, December 4, 2013

HGA Architects- Lakewood Cemetery (MINNEAPOLIS)

"HGA architects / 
Lakewood Cemetery Mausoleum
The Lakewood Cemetery in Minneapolis Minnesota is a 143-year-old historic ‘lawn plan’ design recently faced with the challenge of creating a 21st-century commemorative facility to fit in with their revered landscape. American design firms HGA architects and Halvorson Design Partnership collaborated on the new mausoleum to fit within the iconic site adding a new language to the existing structures."

If you've never visited Lakewood, it's beautiful and pretty close to MCAD- definitely check it out! In the winter it might not have as much impact, but during the spring and summer, the lawns are beautifully covered in floral arrangements and the buildings themselves are much more modern than you would expect at a cemetery. My friend took me to visit this cemetery for the first time last spring and I was blown away by it's beauty so please, please, please check it out!

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