Sunday, December 8, 2013

Daniel Firman

I've recently been interested in neon text sort of art. I had a few favorite pieces that ive seen around I was surprised to find out were done by two different people, so first off is Daniel Firman. He's a French artist who works with a bunch of different mediums, but the first work that caught my eye by him was "something strange happened here" it was on display in Venice during the summer of 2009.
I just really enjoy the bright almost ethereal text against the hard brick building, how it floats over the water, throwing a glow onto the water, its even cooler at night. The phrase is interesting too, "strange" things happen everywhere but attention is rarely brought to it. Then i got to looking into some of his other things and im diggin his work. The work with lights is mostly what I'm drawn to but also that suspended elephant is made to look so light and floaty like how his SSHH text is. A lot of his other animal and people sculptural work are caught between floating and dancing, and being able to suspend something so convincingly is really dang cool.  -Lauren

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  1. "strange" things happen everywhere. Etheral, cosmic yet balanced post. Thanks for this reading !