Saturday, November 3, 2012

Artist Two: Urs Fischer

Untitled, 2011. Wax, pigments, wicks, steel.

Noisette, 2009. Hole in wall, silicon, motion detector, mechanism. and

Untitled (Soft Bed), 2011. Cast aluminum, epoxy primer, polyester filler, one-component acrylic putty, urethane primer, polyester paint, acrylic polyurethane matte clearcoat.

You, 2007. Excavation, gallery space

Urs Fischer is a Swedish artist working in New York. He was born in 1973 in Sweden and studied photography at the Schule fur Gestaltung in Zurich. He began showing his work in the 90's. Fischer is a prolific maker, and creates and displays massive amounts of work ranging from freestanding sculpture to installation and everything in between, in almost every medium under the sun. He's been associated with anti-art movements like neo-dadaism or the Lost Art and the Situationist International. His waxworks have gained a lot of attention, one selling at Sotheby's auction house for a million dollars. 

I chose Urs Fischer to write about because his diversity of mediums and the way he goes about creating. His work isn't about an aesthetic so much as it is about subversive messages and upending what we think we know about sculpture and art. I believe this makes his work all the more poignant.

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