Sunday, November 18, 2012

Artist Four: Boo Ritson

Boo Ritson was born in 1969 in Surrey, England. She paints on the human body. She uses the person as a canvas applying vivid colors of thick household emulsion. Her theme is creating American stereotypes; the flight attendant, the waitress, the cowboy and cowgirl, the beauty pageant, the trucker, the cop. She has 20 minutes to create her pieces, before the paint dries, her work is short-lived and lives on as a photographic document, shot by Andy Crawford. Boo’s work blurs the lines of sculpture, performance art, and photography.

Her work leaves me speechless. I find it to be eerie and brilliant. She leaves me scratching my head, questioning exactly what her art form is; photographer, sculpture, painter? I think it is purely genius that she uses people as her canvas and leaves the viewer with so many questions.

Sites used:

"Nina." 2006, Digital Archival Print. 

"At the Diner." 2009, Archival Digital Print. 

"The Sunbather." 2008 Archival Digital Print. 

"Kite." 2012 Digital C-Type Print. 

"Ocean." 2012 Digital C-Type Print. 

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