Sunday, November 18, 2012

Artist Five: Mark Dion

Mark Dion was born in New Bedford, Massachusetts in 1961. He is an artist who creates installations through scientific methods of collecting and organizing objects. Dion focuses on knowledge about nature, and questions science’s role in society today. He has given himself the title, “Artist and amateur naturalist.”

Through attending Mark Dion’s lecture, I learned that his projects focus on nature and science. However they vary from mobile clubs to green houses. His intent is to showcase nature, preservation, death, and decay. I appreciate that he makes it his goal to engage all of the senses in his pieces, (this was made most evident in the Seattle Nurse Log.)

Site Used:

 "Neukom Vivarium." 2006, Installation.“neukom-vivarium”/

"Library for the Birds of Antwerp." 1993, Installation, 18 African Finches, Tree, Ceramic Tiles, Books, Photographs, Bird Cages, and Assorted Objects.

"Urban Wildlife Observation Unit." 2002, Multimedia Installation Unit.

"Alexander-Wilson-Studio." 1999, Wooden Structure, Mixed Media.

"The Museum of Poison, (Biocide Hall)." 2002, Wood and Glass Display Cabinets, Wooden Pedestals, Pesticide, and Assorted Objects.

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