Friday, September 2, 2016


Sculptures that caught my eye
Alexis Oehrlein

Cream jug - Francis B. Richardson
The first object I was attracted to was a cream jug that was created by Francis B. Richardson. The cream jug sits in the Winterthur Museum in Delaware. The red jug is coated in red paint and is covered in simple designs. The strokes are organic and create a simplistic feeling. The simplicity is what attracts my eye to this piece along with the earthy, and calming brush strokes.

Skeleton Couple - Francisco Santiago
The carved couple are considered to be Day of the Dead dolls created by Francisco Santiago. Day of the Dead dolls are described to be dolls that are created for people that have already passed and are able to come and visit. The couple is fairly dressed nice in what looks to be a dress shirt and a dress. The painted designs create a personality that made the dolls interesting.

Ring - Vicki Ambery-Smith

This ring was found in Venice and was made by Vicki Ambery-Smith. This ring is designed to look like a city landscape. It interested me because I’ve never seen so much work put into one ring. The artist also used warm inviting colors that further pulled me in.

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