Sunday, September 4, 2016

6 amazing creations

1- Creation-  The Salvadrawer        Designer- Studio Ubico         Found from a book called- Wood Art

1. It ranges from several set of different frames and spaces to create room for books and what not.
2. In the picture a hole has been created for a potted plant allowing it to be one of the few decorative pieces that exist on it.
3. It's combined with prints, and wood that are from several years ago. The book even cared to specify its size which is  W- 180mm x H 78mm x D 21mm.

2- Creation- The Great Republic Ship     Designer- Factory Workers, however specifically where wasn't specified    From a book called- The Book of Ships: Classics of Transportation

1. For eight years it rode along ships of America, China, and Japan giving services to certain places.
2. It's recorded weight was 3,881 tons and it was built to be a mail steamship for the Pacific.
3. It had up to 250 rooms and could hold an amount of 1,200 passengers.

3- Creation- The Zig Zag Chair    Designer- Gerrit Rietveld    From a book called- Fifty Chairs That Changed the World

1. The form of the chair connects closely to the abstract style of art, or in this case chair making.
2. The chair was also created during a highly important time of the Dutch Design Movement.
3. It is probably presented as a unique piece from it's abandonment of natural form and tradition.

4- Creation- The Moveable Cart     Designer- Alvar Aalto     From a book called- Furniture Design

1.  It was a serving (tea trolley) cart designed in 1936
2. It's two large wheels are connected with rubber to resist noise caused by it movement
3. It has a dual purpose and importance because it can move as well as serve and be helpful to someone or something.

5- Creation- Several Forms of Furniture     Designer- Philippe Starck       From a book called- Product Design

1. He made lots of well known projects in the 1980's and 90's, they were further influenced through fashion and novelty.
2. He promoted the "ethos" phrase wanting the word to be an encouragement to use materials to their absolute max (reuse, reduce, recycle).
3. He thinks that artists should design with a purpose of being honest and objective.

6- Creation- Legos   Designer- Ole Kirk Christiansen  From a book called- The World of Legos

1. He made a dream into a reality through the help of his son Gotfried.
2. When the yo-yo phenomenon became famous the Christiansen company cleverly cut the yo-yo's in half and used them as toy wheels for cars.
3. A study from the popularity of legos taken shows that 80 million children spend about four billion hours a year playing legos. 

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