Monday, November 11, 2013

Art Installation by Roso - Exploding Glass

This installation was made with glitter, wires, steel structure, and light. Depending on what time of day/what perspective you are looking at it from/change in wind/etc. - the 'two light beams' change. The intent (by the patron) was to simply active the vacant space in this buildings courtyard - an office building. The office building is home to Clark Shoes International, located in Southern England. The installation was created/made by Roso - a studio shared by two Danish designers: Sophie Nielsen and Rolf Knudsen. They have backgrounds in architecture, art, and design. 

I am OBSESSED with light - some people worship a religion, well light and the sun is my religion. I love how they turned this vacant area into a visually intriguing/beautiful space. Your physical environment has a bigger impact on your well-being than most people realize. If this concept is of interest to you I recommend the book "the Architecture of Happiness". I have a copy if any of you ever want to borrow it.
Here is Roso Studios artist statement about the installation - also including the link to their website in case you want to check out more of their stuff. Studio Roso Link

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