Tuesday, September 10, 2013

MIA Photos from Kzmaster

Hey hey everyone KZ here!
(Fan Art by Petplayer976)

For our next project for 3D Foundation Studies, we were ordered to take photos from the MIA as inspiration for our next work of art. We were ordered to use a chosen theme and incorporate that into our chipboard media. Upon viewing the MIA for at least an hour, I finally saw two statues that really caught my interest.

What can I say? I love my beasties. These creatures represented a buddhist god who was incarnated as a lion many centuries ago. Overtime the images of the god, who was highly worshiped, grew from a menacing and ferocious look, to a more majestic image. These two were found buried in a temple. (Or something along those lines, if one looks you can see the stained sand in the cracks of the sculptures. 
It's amazing how much detail they added. Just look at the individual curls in the lion's mane.
You've got to wonder how long this artwork took to make? Suppose the artist didn't have anything better to do. It's not like they had Facebook, TV, or video games to procrastinate on. 
(Such a regal profile)
Almost looks like a dragon, but if you look at the paws it is indeed very much feline.
Another view
This Cat
These Cats

Hope you enjoyed ^^


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