Friday, September 27, 2013

Choi Xooang

Choi Xoo Ang is a South Korean sculptor who’s famously known for her exploration in hyperrealism and abstract surrealism art. Her art is known for showing the investigation into controversial subjects like human rights and gender roles in Korea. Generally using clay, her sculptures almost always appear unsettlingly accurate and realistic in comparison to the human body to display her ideas on the subject without going too far.

I learned about this artist two years ago, and she still remains one of my favorite current artists. I find her work to be so unsettling and beautiful at the same time. Her concepts are always shown through her work and although the work is controversial, it doesn't upset the viewer, it doesn't provoke an argument, it simply makes the viewer aware of the issue.
I just find it fascinating how much detail can be put into her sculptures, particularly the human figures. The scalp of the first image especially draws my attention, just those tiny little stretches near the ribbon do so much for me. 
Some of her work is more disturbing than others, but I'm in love with everything she does. I want to post all of it!

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