Thursday, October 4, 2012

Artist Two: Kiki Smith

Kiki Smith was born in Nuremberg, Germany in 1954. She is classified as an American, feminist artist. Her work would often tell stories; recurring themes in her pieces include life, death, and resurrection. She focused on creating metaphors for the hidden social issues of women.

I like the message that she conveys for pointing out the social issues woman have to overcome. Some of her pieces can be eerie and rather disturbing. But I would rather have art give me a squeamish feeling than no feeling at all.

Site used:

"Near." 2005 Cast-aluminum framework and hand-blown glass teardrops.

"Nuit." 1992 Plaster, wood, Cheesecloth, and string.

"Mine." 1999 Glass.

"Tale." 1992 Beeswax, microcrystaline wax, pigment, and papier-mache.

"Walking Puppet." 2008 Papier-mache, with muslin overall.

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