Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Artist Three: Francis Upritchard

Francis Upritchard is an up and coming artist, who was born in New Plymouth, New Zealand in 1976. She often uses a rainbow color palette and has her statues move. She will have novelists write stories about her work in the catalogues that go with her shows.

I value her work, because she takes risks. It is not often that a sculptor is bold enough to use such a wide color range, in addition to having movement in her pieces. I also find it interesting that she has someone create stories about her work; artists often leave it to the viewer to create their own interpretation.

Sites Used: http://www.guardian.co.uk/artanddesign/2012/aug/30/artist-week-francis-upritchard

"Save Yourself." 2003, Mixed media, ( a mass of rags, with a glass eye, and a gold pack of cigarettes.) 

"The Misanthrope." 2011, Modeling material, foil, wire, acrylic paint, silk, wood, polyester padding, nylon, costume jewelry, and found table. 

"Sloth." 2003, Modeling material, fake fur, kid gloves, gold and silver rings, wood and glass cabinet. 

"Mushroom Lamp." 2009, Ceramic and metal on wood shelf. 

"Grey Teapot Man." 2006, Ceramic. 

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