Saturday, December 4, 2010

Zim and Zou

I should be doing homework but this was far more interesting.

Zim and Zou is a graphic design studio based in France. It consists of artists Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmerman. They both went to art school and decided when they got out that they would team up and use their combined skills to make some amazing art work.

One the most recent ones they made was "Snowflake Spirographs". It's beautifully done. They used those cheap little plastic things that make geometrical designs.

Great design starts out with simple shapes like circles, squares, etc...
As we all know, no snowflake is alike, so they had to do a lot of combinations to make this piece interesting. I think it's fantastic.

This one is my absolute favorite. They mixed Font, String, and Geometry into one piece. It almost want to take the time to make it into an actual font on my computer. They don't have it as a download currently.


I can no longer complain about dealing with carboard after seeing this piece. The detail put into this work is fantastic. I'm also impressed that the colors were pulled off. Neon is one of those things that is a hit or miss. I think it worked out great here. Also, I added pictures of the old game boy they made.

Here are some other random works.

check them out here


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