Sunday, December 12, 2010

Zach's Artist

Zach Stoebner
Robert Arneson
            Robert Arneson was an American sculpture who worked primarily in ceramics, he’s taught art in a variety of universities as well as had exhibits all around the world. His work is generally that of human figures or faces, he works primarily in ceramics. His work is often cartoony in nature which reflects the fact that he worked as one prior to getting into sculpture as a career. He is considered the father of the Funk Art movement which began in the 1960’s. Funk art is primarily work portraying popular culture in an array of medias. Robert unfortunately died of cancer in 1992, his work is still held in high regard today as very fun and still exhibited around the world. 

Kiki Smith
            Kiki Smith is an American sculpture whose work often portrays the question of what really controls the human body. Her work has also been largely rooted in feminist activity. Her interest in the body came from her work as a medical service technician however not on a scientific level; she works in the idea of external forces that influence people’s actions. One work of hers is two wax figures Untitled made from microcrystalline wax with metal stands; the figures are both larger than life representation of human anatomy. There are also fluids running down the man and woman’s bodies representing what looks like milk and semen. Her work is very profound at first and has a very interest social aspect as well as very fine craft.

Zach Stoebner
Duane Hanson
            Duane Hanson is a superrealist sculpture who lived from 1925-1996. He perfected a casting technique, that are so convincing that may people mistake them to be real at first. His work consists mainly of life-size figures, he first made them from live models. One famous work of his is Supermarket Shopper made in 1970, it’s a polyester resin and fiberglass polychromed in oil sculpture. He used actual clothing as well as a real steel cart in this work which portrays a motherly woman shopping with a filled cart. His work often portrays stereotypical American models.

Claes Oldenburg
Claes Oldenburg is a swedish a Swedish pop artist, he was born in 1929. His work often comments on American consumer based culture. His most early work focused were small reliefs of food which he contructed with plaster around chicken wire. He often uses plaster in his work as well as stuffed vinyl sculptures, he creates many things like giant pieces of soft sculpture cake, as well as plaster molds of ice cream. His works were first on a very small range, but he eventually upped his scale in favor of larger than life work. His work has eventually become almost monumental in nature which he often produces with his wife. His most famous work is arguably the giant cherry spoon at our very own sculpture garden.

Zach Stoebner
Jeff Koons

            Jeff Koons is a world renown sculpture who’s humor has been a major part of his work for since he graduated the Maryland College of Art in 1976. He has had a number of gallery’s all across the world including MoMA to Tokyo Metropolitan Museum. Jeff Koons uses a variety of mediums in his sculptures, which are often very playful in nature, like his massive structure of a shaggy puppy made with live flowering plants to an inflatable bunny made out of vinyl. Why I picked him is his artwork seems to always incorporate a sense of humor, never taking himself to seriously, which I find very appealing.
To see more of his work you can visit his website here

Yulia Brodskaya

            For my soft sculpture artist I chose to do Yulia Brodskaya a Russian illustrator/designer. Although she primarily does advertisement she does all her illustrations with paper. Now she isn’t entirely a 3-dimensional artist as her imagery is flattened, it is however crafted in three dimensions. She had a deep interest in a multitude of fields including textile painting, origami, and collage work to name a few. She went to School in the UK and graduated with a degree in graphic communication. She has since become very popular with her paper illustration, which is crafted seamlessly. Her ability to make type with folded paper is astounding. She has worked with a very large list of big name companies such as Target as well as Martha Stewart.
To see Yulia’s work you can go to her website

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