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cardboard - student projects and other examples

Work from other artists:  Just to see the range of opportunities cardboard gives as a medium.

we lean that this country and the western worlds have no monopoly of goodness and truth or of skills and scholarship, we begin to appreciate the ingredients that are indispensable to making a better world.  In a lifetime of learning that is, perhaps, the greatest lesson of all.”      - John Hope Franklin.  (1990)  (Great Thoughts. Seldes. Pg. 158)
Pro's Found on Line by students
FOund by Jenna

I'm back on! Yay! Haha, but unfortunately, I had not gotten around to adding any artists before my old email was hacked and blah, blah, blah. So that's why I am posting my cardboard artist now.
Anyway, Amy Wing Fong Lee is a painter, illustrator and sculptor. She is known for her almost "cutesy" style and most of her pieces are mythological in style (winged bunnies and lions, ect.).
Below are some of her cardboard pieces:

If you want to see more, here's a link to her site
by Jake

One's I've found
Here are some examples of work I found on line.  sadly - their craft will pale in comparison to yours

This is an amazing site:

Alex Uribe 


Mark Langan


creative cardboard art

Chris Gilmore
Moped: Chris Gilmour turns his hand to a scooterFight: St George does battle with the dragon in this impressive piece

taken from:

this is the work of Ann Weber
Guns, Paper and Steel

here's the work of  Patianne Stevenson  -->  which I got off the blog:

this is from a student exhibition
bigger isn't always better
but it does make a presence


I found these all on the web site "Bored at Work" -->

uh oh - bad craft on the hellacopter - you'll do better with yours
cardboard helicoptercool cardboard helicoptercardboard phone boothcardboard music instrument

amazing piano cardboard

-------------  STUDENT WORK -------------


 s   Slone




 C    Clinton

Steven Song



Jackie G.


 Co-Evolution = How different species develop similar adaptations to similar environmental conditions, despite there unrelated genetic make up.

Alchemy = combining different materials in this world to make gold / or the essence of life.

Alloys = combing different metals to make a new metal that has the best qualities / properties of each metal combing

o.k.... i will keep up... i will
fall 2012

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