Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Whale Bone & Lobster Coffin

My absolute favorite piece in the MIA, and my absolute favorite sculpture ever, is this little guy (Sculpture, date unknown):
 He's made of petrified whale bone and he's on display in the Americas section. I just really vibe with this little guy - I can't really explain it. Plus, he looks like he's break dancing.  Some more glamour shots:

look at this face!!

Another piece I enjoy is the Fantasy Coffin (1993) which I call the Lobster Coffin (because that's what it is).
when I die, bury me in an egg coffin

"fantasy coffins" were a Ghanian tradition started in the 1950s by two artists trained in European carpentry. Instead of burying people in regular boring coffins,  the Ga people of Ghana would often bury their dead in these fantasy coffins, which symbolized the deceased's social standing or profession. Though this coffin is functional, it wasn't created with the intention of burial. It serves as more of an art piece and less of a coffin. Some more shots:

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