Thursday, February 2, 2012

recommended artists for the Spring class 2012

Chris O:

"A Picasso Preview...

Consider Chicago's renowned Picasso Sculpture, and/or The Chicago Picasso. Weighing in at 162 tons and stretching to 50-ft tall, the Picasso Sculptures' meaning and significance is just as ambiguous as its titles. Since its installation over 40+ years ago, the sculptures symbolism has been open to public and scholarly discussion. If you stood near this enormous steel sculpture at Daley Plaza and listened to the remarks of four passersby, you would most likely hear different reactions. Is it a Woman? A baboon? Afghan dog? Or just possibly, an abstract sculpture with no apparent symbolism?"   ---This was all Taken from the website SCULPTORS and the page above.   I did not write this.

Alexander Calder:
Lobster Trap and Fish Tail, 1939
Sheet metal, wire, and paint
102" x 114" 
Untitled, 1934
Sheet metal, wire, lead, and paint
113" x 68" x 53"

Alberto Giacometti

Becca:  Claus Oldenberg, Donald Judd

Project: The Bean Sculpture Location: Chicago, Millenium Park
Artist (Sculptor): by Anish Kapoor


Spoonbridge and Cherry by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen (Minneapolis Sculpture Garden)

Louise Bourgeois 


European Bison, by Sally Matthews


Maggi Hambling’s Scallop Shell Sculpture


T Lee Fine Designer Jewelry


Paolo Soleri

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