Saturday, October 29, 2011

Rudolf Belling - for Erik M.

Did some research of Rudolf Belling.  I found out there was a school of thought prevalent in 1933 Germany that was strictly for sculpture to be easily understandable.  It was believed, that sculpture should't force viewers to travel around it.  Belling went against this convention, and in so doing, helped revolutionize modern sculpture. I found it ironic that you could only really see 250 degrees worth of this portrait at MIA.  I liked the playfulness of this sculpture.  It simplifies the features of the face to just the most defining features.  It's almost like a Mr. Potatohead face that can anthropomorphize anything you can hold it up to.  It's unfortunate that the only thing that will ever be behind it is whitewash.  It also kind of transforms the face into an art deco tool thing that might have some practical household applications, like mashing potatoes or clubbing vermin. I wish my face could do that.

- Erik M.

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