Saturday, November 20, 2010

Jon Caswell

Jon is a designer who loves to make things, according to his website. I stumbled upon him randomly on tumblr yesterday. Of course the one thing that caught my eye was his mustache doormat.

He likes to make whimsical silly designs for his furniture. I always say make it fun because you only have so long to live and you should enjoy it while you can. He likes to add life to everything he makes. Like his light switch cover "Mr. Switch".

and his lamp called "Slim Jim". Jim is the character holding up the lamp.

I think what attracts me so much to his work is how simple everything he makes is but it's still really creative. It's minimalism without really looking like minimalism. That's something I'd really like to strive for in my work in the future.

 "60bpm" made of recycled records
"On Tv" is a mirror

"Grippy" a table that doesn't require coasters
"The Wailers" are ceramic speakers

and here comes one of my favorite pieces

this is "Hang On" a wardrobe with removable hangers. This guy is a genius.

Go check out his website here and his own 3D blog here


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