Friday, May 7, 2010

Butoh (Buto) - Japanese preformance Art

A few clips of my favorites

Ikeda Carlotta - a great butoh dancer (buto)

This one above I recommend the most. Here is the whole thing:  

[Butoh IV] Forgetting You Is Like Breathing Water

sankai juku - butoh dance (buto) 

Goro Namerikawa - Butoh (Buto)

 and for a little light 'diner conversation' - check out this gurilla art 

Sankai Juku in Paris - Butoh dance (buto)


This one is just a slide show - but the forms and positions are clearly illustrated here:

Butoh dance 「愛の巨人」 上杉満代 舞踏秘儀

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